Sayuri (sayuri_x) wrote in froonium_icons,

Icons 02

So I have managed a paltry 19 icons of late. Most of which I have forgotten the rudimentary skill of cropping and composition. I am reasonably happy with some of the colouring and lighting but overall,  I just want to post these and forget about them mostly. Also these have the distinction of not being made for any comm. I need prompts or some kind of competition, this much is obvious.

01 - 11 Strike Back: Vengeance (my newest OBSESSION! Srsly guys, you have no idea the HARD-ON I have for this show. )
12 - Haven
13 - 15 Conan The Barbarian (2011)
16 - 17 The Fades
18 19 Walking Dead forwalkndeadstills

Tags: actor: jason momoa, actor: phillip winchester, actor: rhona mitra, actor: sullivan stapleton, character: damien scott, character: michael stonebridge, character: rachel dalton, movie: conan (2011), tv: strike back, tv: the fades, tv: the walking dead, type: icons

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