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Favorite textures and fonts

pointblankdarcy asked about my favorite fonts and textures at Ask The Maker, and I'm always up for spreading the love for my favorite resources, so here are some recs! :)

I actually use the same fonts and textures quite seldom because I usually pick them very randomly (I may or may not have programmed a randomizer just for this purpose :p) , but there are still definitely some that I like particularly much.

100 FAVORITE TEXTURES (hover for credit)

Basically I mostly grungy textures or lighting textures. I also love composition textures, which I talked about in my complexity guide (lots of examples and favorites there).

I think 90% of my texture use consists of stuff just by 5 resource makers: innocent_lexys, deny1984, fuuurs, raiindust and lookslikerain.


(sorry about the lack of download links :/ these can pretty much all be found just by googling them or searching for them at DaFont, and many are probably already as defaults in your system, so I decided it would have been just too much work for little purpose.)

And that's it! ^^

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