Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

My older graphics. :) (Bizarra)

My older stuff. Some you've seen, some you haven't. Many from Other icon challenges and various landcomm challenges. This is not ALL of the graphics posted at bizarra_fics but it's a good amount. :)

And a random Wallpaper for the AU!Tin Man/OC Universe a good friend created (and lets us play in)

A random John/Aeryn wallpaper

5 Farscape Wallpapers

30 The Choice (Farscape) icons

10 Farscape word inspiration icons

20 Farscape 4th season icons

Fargate Multi-media bingo. Incl: icons, gifs, wallpapers

20 Farscape icons
jool 5

20 more Farscape Wallpapers

20 mostly Farscape wallpapers"

20 Aeryn Sun icons

20 A Human Reaction (Farscape) icons

Mostly Tin Man gifs & a couple walls

20 Gil Grissom (CSI:Vegas) icons

20 Infinite Possibilities (Farscape) icons

20 SG-1 icons

20 Aeryn Sun icons

20 John/Aeryn icons

64 Claudia Black icons (eventually will be 100)

20 Vala Mal Doran icons

20 Remember WENN icons

20 favorite female Characters

20 Pilot icons

20 Aeryn Sun icons
Tags: !maker: bizarra, old entries

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