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Stardust [20]
Mad Men, Once Upon a Time, Pocahontas, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries [1 each]

25 mostly Stardust iconsCollapse )
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01 July 2018 @ 09:12 pm

Doctor Who [7+2]
Farscape [6+1]
Supernatural [5+1]
Teen Wolf [3+1]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer [2+1]
Dorian Gray [2+1]
Once Upon a Time [2+1]
Sherlock [2]
Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Trek (2009), X-Men [1+1 alt each]
Atonement, Free!, LOST [1 each]

50 multifandom iconsCollapse )

Feel free to snag any you like, credit is optional, comments much appreciated ♥

Doctor Who [8+1]
Dorian Gray [2]
Farscape [2]
Orphan Black [2]
Parks and Recreation [2]
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Carmilla, Elementary, The Flash, Kuroshitsuji, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, LOST, Merlin, Supernatural, Survivor (S33), Teen Wolf, Titanic [1 each]

icons for monthlyinspo and othersCollapse )
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05 May 2018 @ 03:01 pm

LOST [4]
Survivor (S33,S31) [4]
Doctor Who [3]
Teen Wolf [3]
Farscape [2]
Daredevil, Dorian Gray, Elementary, Fringe, Heroes Reborn, The Hunger Games, Looking, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black, Parks and Recreation, Star Wars, Supernatural [1 each]

multifandom icon dumpCollapse )

Doctor Who [13]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Death Note, The Hobbit, Les Misérables, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Nikita, Pretty Little Liars, Princess Tutu, Teen Wolf [1 each]

10in30 set + 12 extrasCollapse )
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14 December 2017 @ 06:30 pm

50 multifandom icons (10 by jsfunction, naginis, scarred_loretta, thyla87 and tinnny)

Fandoms: Captain America/MCU, Jessica Jones, Sherlock, Orphan Black,
Sense8, iZombie, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead

This is it, the final round of the Random character project! I got this idea back in 2015 and tbh I never really thought we'd finish it, but here we are at the final round. While we've always been open for others to join us at will, we wanted to make this final round easier for everyone to join by posting the set of characters for everyone to see in advance. I'm super happy that we got three others besides me and thyla join, what a wonderful way to end this project. Hope everyone has had fun with this!! :)
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes with the table. This time there was more to post so it's entirely possible. I really really hope that I got all the entries, but I know there have been some instabilities in LJ's inbox system so if you think you've sent me a set but don't see it here, let me know asap and I'll put it in here!

10 icons by each of jsfunction, naginis, scarred_loretta, thyla87 and tinnnyCollapse )

Thanks so much for entering and also huge thanks to all the people who have voted in these polls and commented or just looked at and enjoyed our posts! :)

Feel free to snag any you like but please credit the correct maker. If someone wants to copy this idea for their own character voting project, we don't mind at all, this was a lot of fun!
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09 December 2017 @ 10:04 pm
The random character project deadline has been extended. It is now Wednesday 13.12., and I'll make the post on thursday after work. If anyone who has already entered wants to replace icons in their set or send episode thoughts, they can use this extra time to do so.
All the other info, like which characters we're iconing, can be found here.
We already have a few entries besides our own so I know this will be a great round! You definitely want to be a part of this so go ahead and take a shot at iconing these characters :D
03 December 2017 @ 05:02 pm
Hi guys, you have about one week to enter the last round of random character challenge :) The deadline is 9.12. (any time during that day is fine, I'll probably make the post on the next day anyway)
All the other info, like which characters we're iconing, can be found here.
If someone would like an extension, that can definitely be arranged, just ask (comment either to this or in the post linked above).
There probably won't be other reminders, so mark this down now!!! :)
21 November 2017 @ 09:38 pm
I haven't made a post in a while, but here are (hopefully) all the icons I've made since my last update.

1-8 Star Wars
9 Angel
10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
11-19 Fringe
20 iZombie
21 Mr Robot
22-23 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
24-26 Broad City
27-28 Pretty Little Liars
29-31 The 100
32 Orphan Black
33-35 Twin Peaks
36-39 You're the Worst
40 The Good Place
41 Babylon 5
42 Battlestar Galactica
43 Crazy Ex Girlfriend

rebel rebelCollapse )
09 November 2017 @ 09:31 pm
That's it guys, we have our characters for the last Random character project set, and they are:

Moving on:
Steve Rogers (Captain America/MCU)
Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones/MCU)
Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock)
John Watson (BBC Sherlock)

New characters:
Cosima Niehaus (Orphan Black)
Kala Dandekar (Sense8)
Liv Moore (iZombie)
Peter Hale (Teen Wolf)
Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie)
Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

As we said, this round is open for everyone and we'd love to have you with us! The challenge is very simple, make one icon about each of the characters listed above.

How to enter:

  • The deadline is 9.12. That's a month for just 10 icons, so hopefully a lot of people will find that time! :) This has been a very chill, icon at your own pace kind of project for us so we want to give a lot of time for this round too, and since it's the last round there's really no hurry even if it gets close to deadline. If you're almost done with a set but could use a few more days, just say so and you'll definitely get all the time you need.

  • The sets do need to be complete, so please make an icon for each character, even if you're unfamiliar with their fandom. That's part of the fun for us, getting to know new fandoms while we've been doing this project, so if you want to be inspired to icon those characters you may not know, you could always participate in our extra challenge of watching an episode or movie for each character and posting your thoughts on them.

  • The characters need to be specifically from the given fandom (so for example, iconing Sherlock from another adaptation wouldn't be allowed, because thats not the specific character who was voted to move on)

  • However, if the same specific character appears in different fandoms or different parts of fandom, you can use any of those media for your icon (e.g. you could use caps of The Defenders or Jessica Jones for Jessica)

  • There can be other characters in the icons

  • When you're done, send the complete set to me via PM. Clearly identify which icon link corresponds to which character, you can use the form below but it's not necessary. Please use the words 'Random character project' in the title so I can easily find all the icons for the reveal post!

  • I'll respond to your PM to let you know I got your set. If you don't get this response in a reasonable time (let's say in a few days), it's possible I didn't get your PM. In that case, please send me another PM or comment to this post to let me know!

  • Don't share the icons elsewhere before the reveal post is posted

  • No signup required, just send me your set and you're in!

If you have trouble finding caps of unfamiliar characters, I'm happy to help you find a couple of caps! Hopefully we'll get a few entries besides our own, let's make this last round really great! :)

Form to enter the icons with (via PM)

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