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20 Chiana icons for farscape_20in20

These are for the 21st round of the ever awesome farscape_20in20. It was a character round and I chose Chiana, who is my first non-Scorpy-looking pick for a character set.

Let me just say that this set did NOT happen easily. The first few icons I made I hated with passion. Things picked up a lot from there, but I still don't think this is one of my better new sets. There are some icons here that I really really love, but then a lot of the others look like fillers to me even though they were all made with full effort, idk. I guess I had a lot of pressure since last round both torzy86 and nebari_rebel made such awesome Chiana sets and I knew I had to make something completely different from either to avoid comparisons. So yeah that's why this set has no extra tricks like the textureless rule from last round, just 100% me and my current style, I hope it's enough :) I know I'm my own worst critic anyway so I decided just to post and be done with it.

The category prompt was to take inspiration from different icon makers. I have at least 12366768763312467743453409887576556 icon idols, so I knew I'd have to limit myself to the Scapers to keep this thing somehow in check, lol. I love this type of prompts and could have honestly done all 20 in this vein, so it was sad to only have to pick 5 and leave a lot of inspiring makers out. Some names you probably would have expected to see are not on the list, but that's only because there's a similar type of challenge at theiconquest so I'm saving some of our makers for that :)

Now who I actually used - behind a spoiler cut in case you want to try to guess first! :

1: inspired by ghanimasun, especially her fearless use of vibrant colors - the very thing I love the most about her work :)
2: inspired by shan_3414 - what stands out to me about her icons is negative space, clean removed backgrounds, general brightness and vibrancy. That's what I tried to incorporate in my icon!
3: inspired by _happyme_. It took me a while to figure out what I love the most about her(?) icons cause there's so much diversity in them, but then I remembered her really original way of using blurred/smudged backgrounds, in a way where you can still see the blur lines but it's intentional and works for the icon. Also the use of warm browns. So that's what I tried to do here :)
4: inspired bythyla87 and her love for levels, vintagey colorings and grungy textures!
5: inspired by bizarra - I remembered her once mentioning that she's the most happy with her darker, glowy sort of icons, and I agreed cause they are stunning! So I drew inspiration from icons such as this and this. I didn't quite get the same look, but I'm happy enough and the inspiration is still there! :)

Me and thyla87 came up with this little challenge for our ac sets - we'd have to use lyrics from randomized songs from our media players. I ended up with the following (no laughing at my 100% masculine music library!!! Not a word!! :DD):

ac1: Britney Spears - Criminal
ac2: Lindsay Lohan - Very Last Moment in Time
ac3: Alexandra Burke - The Silence
ac4: Jenni Vartiainen - Minä ja hän
ac5: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Hunter

I still have a billion icons for theiconquest to post in the next few days so I hope you won't mind the spam. I just know it will be a huge post even without this set and all the babbling associated with it, so I want to have an own entry for that :>

Also, you guys did see this post right? Our wonderful comm needs volunteer mods so that's where you go if you want to keep us going and strong! ^^ I sure do, but it's bad PR for any community if someone annoying like me is too visible and does everything, so I hope a lot of others volunteer as well :P

Finally, the actual icons:

Serene Nemisis Essence Catchphrase Geometric
Past & Future Left Fake Background Vibrant Colors Monochrome

CATEGORY - Inspired by...
01 02 03 04 05

01 02 03 04 05

Comments would of course be greatness and love ♥
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, character: chiana, tv: farscape, type: icons
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