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29 November 2016 @ 08:20 pm

1-2 Farscape
3 Fringe
4 iZombie
5 Star Trek Deep Space 9
6 12 Monkeys
7 Parks and Recreation
8 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
9-13 The Americans
14-15 You're the Worst
16 Pretty Little Liars
17 Star Wars The Force Awakens
18-20 Mr Robot
21-26 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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29 September 2016 @ 07:01 pm

RuPaul's Drag Race [27x various seasons]
Project Runway [4xS2, 1xS15]
Chronicles of Narnia [5]

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15 September 2016 @ 10:48 pm

01-11 Broad City
12 Brooklyn 99
13 Parks and Recreation
14 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
15 iZombie
16 Farscape
17 You're the Worst
18-19 Fringe
20 Nikita
21 Star Wars
22 Star Trek TOS
23 The X-Files
24-26 Pretty Little Liars
27-29 Mr Robot

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Sign up for the new round

I'm in a terribly uninspired iconing phase rn BUT this happens to be one of the like... two subjects I have any inspiration to icon so clearly this was a sign I need to try a LIMS now??? Which I haven't done since farscapelims back in 2012 so I'm just a liiittle bit out of my box here on top of general lack of iconing mojo lately so I kinda think I'll be the first one out but who cares, I just want to see alll the pretty icons of Caspian, so I'd honestly love it if ALL of you could sign up :3 ♥
18 June 2016 @ 05:48 pm

Made using Photoshop Cs5
Not directly translatable
Honestly kinda hard/exhausting to make cause it has 10000+ layers (or it feels like that anyway :p) and as usual there's lots of masking

My second Ask the Maker tutorial! This one is for ohcaptain who wanted to know about this Captain America icon I made for the Random character challenge round 6. I'm pretty happy with this icon so I'm happy to provide a tut :)

How to make an extra bright color split iconCollapse )

sweet jesus this turned LONG. Sorry about that!! This icon just had so many layers both before and afterd scaling down to icon size. :p
I hope there was something useful here! I'm not surprised if something was unclear - in that case please ask and I'll clarify as well as I can :)
16 June 2016 @ 06:48 pm

Made using Photoshop Cs5
Not directly translatable, I think
Not difficult but takes effort (AKA lots of masking!)

The first of my Ask the Maker 2016 tutorials! I made this icon for watchnicon in summer 2014, and it's so not my favorite out of my icons and it was a total shock for me when it won my 2014 bestof_icons poll, but since dixon is wonderful and asked so nicely, how could I refuse! :)

One method to illustrated look...Collapse )

FINISHED! Like I said I'm not a fan of this icon, but hopefully this tutorial provided at least some tips for someone! :)
If you need more details on some part, or if you have other questions about it, please ask :>
16 June 2016 @ 03:17 pm

I haven't participated since 2013 so I really wanted to do this now! If anyone has any questions about my icons, I'll try my best to answer :)
29 May 2016 @ 11:05 pm

Dorian Gray (2009) [26]
Once Upon a Time [2]
The Chronicles of Narnia, Moulin Rouge!, Teen Wolf, Guardians of the Galaxy, stock (tarantula) [1 each]

33 mostly Dorian Gray iconsCollapse )
1 John/Aeryn wallpaper
1 John/Aeryn tumblr graphic
2 John/Aeryn sigtags
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